3 Tips for Ideal Water Well Maintenance

1 August 2017
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If you are planning to own a water well, you need to be careful in focusing on some maintenance and repair tips. By keeping your water well up to par, you will have all that you need to get fresh water and make sure that your water well lasts for many years. With these goals in mind, read below and factor in these points so that you can get the most out of the ownership of your water well.

#1: Get an annual inspection for your water well

To make sure that your water well serves you, get it inspected every single year. A water-well maintenance professional would be happy to come out to your well and test its components to make sure that nothing is out of sorts. In addition to inspecting the water well pump, you need to make sure that your professional is testing the pressure and ensuring that every component is clean and at its best. Bringing in a water-well contractor to inspect your water well should only cost you about $100 or so. However, this is a sound investment that will keep your water well thriving for years.

#2: Bring in a trusted water well contractor for heavy duty repairs

The best thing you can do when you require water-well repairs is to always have the assistance of a top-notch contractor. Only the best water-well contractors will have access to the highest quality materials, on top of the craftsmanship that you need to fix your well and secure its longevity. Replacing a water-well pump is one of the most common types of repairs that you might have to get for your water well. Replacing this pump can cost you between approximately $900 and $2300. Again, the cost is a worthwhile investment for maintaining your water well.

#3: Keep up with your water quality

No matter what, the quality of water is the most important aspect of your water well. To be certain that your water is not contaminated and is as healthy as it can be, you would need to bring in a water-testing professional. You can buy your own water-testing kits for upwards of $150, or have a licensed professional inspect the water and send it to the lab for upwards of $500. From there, it might be necessary to get a well repair or water treatment.

Use the tips in this article to make sure you keep up on your water well maintenance, so that your water well is serving you.